Gap Analysis

A Gap Analysis consists of 2 one on one coaching calls with me, Chris Angell.

The first call looks at where you currently are, what goals you have, what your strengths and assets are and what distractions and weaknesses are sabotaging your efforts.

The second call moves into creating a focused plan to help you reach your goals in a way that feels congruent to you and is sustainable over time.

What I do in coaching is about Strategy and Focus.
Strategy acts to evolve your business.
Focus helps you execute the right pieces of the strategy.
The reason most don't get to their goals or get there as soon as they'd like is because of distraction. Too many ideas. Too many To-Dos. Too many directions.
Do you see how it's not about "holding you accountable" to ALL the things you want to do? No one can hold you accountable to that. You can't even be accountable to that. There's too much.
It's about figuring out the RIGHT things to do and then staying focused on those right things.
You don't need to be held accountable. You need focus.
And you need someone who can see what you can't see to help you figure out what's blocking progress or what next steps to take.
That's coaching.
If that resonates with you then our Gap Analysis will be a great addition for your business.

Gap Analysis

2 one on one coaching calls with 3 Key objectives:  * Uncover your current distractions and sources of lost focus.  * Clarify your Point of Connection and Strongest Format to build from.  * Reorganize your current efforts around your Point of Connection and Strongest Format * Leave you with specific actions to take in the next 30 days.   

$97.00 USD